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Look at the 'Tickets' list below and indictate in the dropdown boxes, the people you wish to register. For example:

Let's say you are a "Rotary Couple" and you wish to register for the conference but you also want to bring along your mother to the Gala Dinner only -

  1. First, click the "Rotarian Couple" dropdown box and change the number to a '2'.
  2. Then go down to the 'Gala Dinner Only" line and change the dropbox to a '1'. (this allows your mother to attend the Gala Dinner).
  3. Now add your 'First Name', 'Last Name' and 'Email' followed by clicking 'Register'.
  4. Then progress through the screens and answer all the questions.


Conference Registration

  • Rotarian


  • Non Rotarian Partner


  • Rotarian Couple (per person)


  • First Time Rotarian


  • Rotaractor


  • Non-Rotarian


  • Full Time Students (incl. YEP & Peace Fellows)


  • Probus Member


  • Non Probarian Partner


  • Probus Couple (per person)


Gala Dinner Only

  • Additional Gala Dinner Guest

    This ticket is for people who wish to attend the Gala Dinner but not the Conference. If you wish to attend the Conference and the Gala Dinner, do NOT select this ticket as you will be asked later during your Conference Registration if you wish to attend.